- Simultaneous Ring
You can have your ProxyLine ring on up to 4 phones. Answer on whichever handset you want.
- Personal Number Administration
Log in to your account through our web portal and manage your account and service options in real time.
- Do Not Disturb
Set your ProxyLine to send calls straight to Voicemail, or to accept calls normally.
- CallerID Control
Program your inbound and outbound CallerID numbers used by your ProxyLine through the Personal Number Admin tool.
- Call Recording
Ever wanted to record a call for playback later? Now you can with ProxyComm Call Recording. You get the recordings as email attachments just like with voicemail messages.
- Advanced Voicemail
ProxyComm Voicemail includes many advanced features, such as a folder storage system, broadcast and forward capabilities, and separate busy and not available messages.
- Email Notification
ProxyComm can send your voicemail messages to you as a sound file attached in an email. Listen to messages on your computer, forward them, or save them.
- Free Google Directory Service
You get unlimited, free directory listings, powered by Google.
- Call Screening
Your ProxyLine service comes with an optional Call Attendant to answer your phone and screen your calls with a name announcement.
- Call Transfers
Transfer live calls between any two phones - cell phones or landlines. Need to run and want to take a call with you? Just transfer it from your landline to your cell phone and the call goes with you.
and most importantly you can use your ProxyLine like a calling card for UNLIMITED outbound calling. Callers will see your ProxyLine number in their Caller ID display, and you will save on long distance charges with our UNLIMITED nationwide calling with our ProxyLine service or internationally with one of our UNLIMITED International plans.

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